Reasons Why Business Texting is Beneficial


If you want success as an owner of an enterprise you need to move out from where you are comfortable. You have to do a variety of things to ensure your business gets to where you want it. You should use all the possibilities when it comes to consumer engagement. You can do this through social media engagement, business texting, and email marketing. Here you are going to learn about how lucrative and instrumental business texting at can be for your enterprise. Here are the advantages you should be aware of.

The Messages are short

People do not fancy having to read huge chunks of information all at once. However, thanks to business texting at Text Better, you can send the message you want concisely. Consumers know that a brief message shows a company that respects their time. On top of this, they know that you are aware of what you need from them when you  structure your messages well.

Clients Love to Text

Studies done have brought to light that close to 64% consumers are okay with getting customer services on SMS. Additionally, up to 80% of them would be ready to SMS contact centers. It is unfortunate that few businesses have exploited the business texting model. This is primarily because they have the belief that SMS is not formal. Nevertheless, clients are not looking for official. In as much as email and phone calls to a good job, one should include business texting to enhance growth.

Read Immediately

At times reading and responding to an email might take up a lot of time. This happens when there is an accumulation of business emails that one cannot go through all at once. Therefore, sending an urgent business message via email may not be as effective sometimes. Most individuals are using text messages to communicate in the workplace. This is because of how fast it is to use texts. Most people respond to a text faster than they would an email. This is why texting is effective.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Clients will always remain loyal as long as they feel connected to your business. Loyalty can be created through communication. When you make your clients aware of what you have to offer in terms of goods or services they will feel valued. Business text messages can be used to pass on all the vital information. In addition to this, you can also inform your clients about any employment opportunities and wish them happy holidays via text messages.

You Get to Enjoy Flexibility

When a company or business gives clients convenience, you will always find them being loyal. Business texting can offer customers the type of convenience they need because it is flexible. They can reply to their texts from anywhere and at any time. A client can feel free to talk about any issue no matter how sensitive it is. Get more facts about business text at


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